welcome to my site ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ~✧*・゚

im sasha ♡‧₊˚.

this is my site :] it is a very random combination of whatever i feel like doing at the time :0

i love batman!!!!!! it's my current hyperfix ₍ >ヮ<₎

my faves r batman + joker

this gif makes me soooooo happy im ill ๐·°(৹˃﹏˂৹)°·๐。

ideaz n planz:

in progress pages:



  • 5/6/22: MADE MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 6/6/22: did almost all of the editing so far today :D made the batman page + wrote abt lego bman, killing joke, dark knight, plus actually formatted all the pages so they arent uglyyyy, plus the soundcloud embeds lol o(≧∇≦o) i also made the about me, him, utena, resources, ajrma 404 error, and main site page :D very very excited to work more on it, i think it's a really fun escape from social media + i can write abt whatever i wanttttt yay
  • 7/6/22: added section index to batman page + added sticky back to top button :)
  • 8/6/22: AM: added projects, ediary, and directory pages, moved resources to directory page. PM: added fic recs section to batman page
  • 9/6/22: finished batman audio adventures and wrote about it on batman page, added 'batjokes?' bit to the ratings section
  • 10/6/22: wrote about btas + added 'tutorial notes' page
  • 17/6/22: added individual 'batman' and 'joker' character sections to the batman page
  • 26/6/22: added 'cosmic bond' page (i am normal and well adjusted)